Recently I setup a Hyper-V Server and ran into a few issues around networking and setting up a virtual firewall with ISA 2006. It turns out that Hyper-V creates a virtual network adapter for the physical computer and plugs it into the physical adapter which is turned into a de facto network switch. So, if you’re going to use a router or firewall inside a virtual machine you will end up with two network adapters plugged into the “switch” on the external side of your firewall. That might be fine, but it poses a small problem when used in conjunction with Comcast because they see it as two computers and the physical computer may win out and get the external IP while Comcast ignores the other network adapter.

The solution is to disable the virtual adapter that was auto-created for the physical host on your external physical adapter “switch”. Thus Comcast will only see one computer and all will be happy. Searching around for the commands to do this in a Core/Hyper-V console only install of server 2008 proved to be a bit of a trek. After a few days and a few Google searches later I found the answer. Here it is…

Rename a network connection:

netsh interface set interface name=”Local Area Connection 3” newname=”Internet Connection”

Disable a network connection:

netsh interface set interface name=”Internet Connection” disabled

Pretty simple, but my install of Hyper-V Server also suffered from a bug that luckily has a hot fix. It was showing no interfaces when I ran this:

netsh interface show interface

…which is a bug. After I found the patch for that though the rest was done in no time.


I’ve been playing with a REST WCF service for a bit and noticed when I attempted to add it to Azure’s service bus that it blew up on me. It even goes so far as to kill the development web server in VS2008.

After a little debugging I traced it back to a small bug in the Microsoft.ServiceModel.Web code from the starter kit. Turns out the code relies on the OperationContext.Current which is null unless AspNetCompatibility mode is Allowed or Required, which doesn’t work on Azure (at least not that I could see). So… I fixed that bug and all was well, sort of…

You see, it seems that now I have an endpoint disagreement somewhere because I’m getting this now:

a:DestinationUnreachableThe message with To ‘http://servicebus.windows.net/services/improvGroup/Manager/Contacts/help?apikey=bigGuidHereSnipped’ cannot be processed at the receiver, due to an AddressFilter mismatch at the EndpointDispatcher. Check that the sender and receiver’s EndpointAddresses agree.

I guess I’ll poke around with it later when I have a few hours. Any suggestions?

FOLLOWUP NOTE: I was able to get the service working on Azure if I disable the interceptor that adds the API key check. So, it seems maybe I only partially fixed the previous issue in the starter kit.

This is pretty obscure… EBS goes through its setup perfectly until it tries to install System Center Essentials, which we all know was invented by Satan himself because it never freakin’ installs correctly even by itself. So, if anybody reading this has any ideas about how to get around this issue, let me know… And no, installing VMware is NOT a solution, even if that might work.


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Merry Christmas!

3123692128_56968073d0_oSo here we sit on Christmas day watching TV or just being lazy. Many of you are watching kids with their toys running around the house. I find myself here at this old comfortable spot, with the TV on in the background, the coffee brewing and the chill air outside, wondering what the next year will bring and looking back at the last. It’s been fun this last year and the next will be completely different. What, you thought I had some profound point? LOL Not likely.  hahahahaha… or should I say hohohohoho….

Merry Christmas!

I did a 3D Photosynth of our Heliotrope Hike. It has a 360 degree view of the high spot where we went.


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We won an award!

This year I was on the Festival of Trees team with the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce and Skagit Young Professionals. Our team was made up of mostly women, so the theme is decidedly girly. It was Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend from the old Marilyn Monroe movie. Our tree was part of the overall event which is a charity gala for the local cancer foundation where they auction off the trees we made. We gathered about $6000 of stuff donated as part of our tree. On Tuesday there was a Designer Appreciation Night and we were voted Designers’ Choice by all the other tree designers. I’ve uploaded a ton of photos to Flickr, most of which I have to get permission from people before I make public, but I do have some public photos to show.

2008-11-23 Festival of Trees - Decoration Day 178

There was also a Tiki tree there that I really liked and I took a few photos of it too.

2008-11-23 Festival of Trees - Decoration Day 097


Ya know, sometimes I feel like I’m watching the world flow past me like so much water down the river. In a few days I’ll be 31 and the last few years I’ve been searching for something. Myself. You see, somewhere along the line I lost who I was in so much work and blind ambition to build a business or two that I seldom took the time to step back and actually see where I’ve come from and where I am now.

This time of year, when it gets cold outside and I get a little older, I look around me to see what I let slide past the rest of the year. The fun hikes, the work, work and more work. The dinner out with friends. I started a new business this year as well, became a chamber of commerce ambassador, took lots of photos, and generally got in the way a lot.

It’s been a fun time, but something has been missing, or rather someone. I thought for a minute that I’d found her a few years ago, but alas she slipped through my fingers. Maybe the next year will find her, whoever she turns out to be. Until then I’ll wait and see, there’s always the work, it never leaves.

So, my friends who read my rambling, remember to take a minute to see what’s truly around you or you just might be surprised when it’s gone.